Hunch blogger widget

If you look at the right sidebar on this blog you’ll see a new Hunch widget.  It’s meant to be both fun and informative for the blogger and also the readers.

1. For the blogger, you can learn a lot of interesting things about your readership (for example, here are stats on readers). Soon, we’ll be adding more features for the blogger, such as inferred stats about your readers, derived by cross referencing their answers against our data set of 40M answers.

2. Blog readers get to learn about how they compare to other readers of the blog, and how readers of the blog compare to the larger population.  They can also play what we call the “prediction game” where Hunch tries to guess how you’d answer new questions you haven’t answered.  In our tests Hunch does a really good job.  It’s meant to be fun and also, frankly, a way for us to show off the power of Hunch’s predictive abilities.   If you want to try it, first answer 25 questions in the widget and then you’ll be be given the option to play the game or look at how you compare to other readers and Hunch users overall.

If you want to embed this widget on your own blog, go to (you’ll need to have a Hunch account and be logged in).

Any and all feedback welcome!

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