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Why you should put the new Hunch badge on your website

If you sell stuff:  Companies like BazaarVoice have proven that displaying user reviews on ecommerce sites increases conversion rates. You can pay BazaarVoice for this or get it free from Hunch. Here’s an example widget for Mario Kart Wii:

new HUNCH.ResultBadge({width: 160, praise: 3})
If you have a blog:
You can put a badge on your site that shows what your readers think of your blog. Here is an example badge for TechCrunch:

new HUNCH.ResultBadge({width: 160, praise: 3})
Readers can click through the widget and rate your blog on Hunch. This in turn can drive traffic back to your blog (Hunch had 1.2M uniques last month).

You can go here to make a badge. If your blog isn’t in Hunch’s database you can add it here