Starting Up

Don’t be creative about the wrong things

When founding a tech startup, there are certain areas where you should spend time trying to be creative/innovative. Generally these should be:  product, recruiting, marketing etc. One slightly disturbing trend I’ve noticed is founders trying to creative about stuff like legal terms that really are better left in their “default” form.

Here’s my advice: hire a “default” law firm like Gunderson and take their “default” advice. Yes, you should form a C corp in Delaware of CA or wherever they tell you; yes you should have 4 year vesting with a 1 year cliff; yes founders should have vesting; yes your deal terms should be plain vanilla. Etc. These things are time tested and you are far more likely to screw things up than create value by tinkering with them. Also, they are just not what you should be spending your time on.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be creative about the wrong things

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