General partner at a16z, where I do seed-stage and venture-stage investing. My seed and venture investments: AirwareShapewaysCoinbaseOculus,  Wit.aiBuzzfeedSoylentRingly,  Stack OverflowImprobable,  OpenBazaar,  ZiplineKeybaseEnvoy,  SkydioNootrobox,  Dispatch.aiComma.ai.


Personal investor in technology startups, including Kickstarter, Warby Parker, Stripe, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flatiron Health, Bloomreach, Stack ExchangeOptimizely, Zipline, SkypeSift ScienceBehance (acq by Adobe), TrialPay (acq by Visa), Smart Things (acq by Samsung), OMGPOP (acq by Zynga), Truaxis (acq by Mastercard), DocVerse (acq by Google), ScanScout (IPO), Invite Media (acq by Google).

Cofounder of Hunch (acquired by eBay).

Cofounder of Founder Collective, seed-stage investor in Uber, CoupangVenmo, BuzzfeedMakerbot, and others.

Cofounder of SiteAdvisor (acquired by McAfee).

Software developer at Arbitrade, a hedge fund focusing on high-speed options trading.