iphone apps- the good, bad, and mediocre

best game so far:  Enigmo – really addictive!

dissappointing games: monkey ball (too hard to control), cro-mag (ok mario kart clone),

need to play more to decide:  AquaForest

really fun to show off your iphone and cool technology:  shazam

what’s the point: nytimes (no better than website), AIM (can’t run in background)

seems like they have a lot of potential:  AOL Radio, Pandora

Useful if you live in NYC: CityTransit

Kind of useful no matter where you live:  BoxOffice

Silly free ones that are kind of fun:  World 9, phone saber, life game

don’t really get it and it seems overhyped: Loopt

UPDATE:  aquaforest isn’t good.   AIM would be good if you could run apps in the background on the iphone. actually the only iphone apps i’ve liked so far are labyrinth and enigmo.