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Alex Eckelberry has for years been one of the best bloggers on internet security. Personally I can say that I learned a lot about internet security by reading his blog (in addition to, among others, Ben Edelman’s). Today he posted about Yahoo’s announcement that they would use SiteAdvisor to help block certain sites from Yahoo’s search results. I have been reading Alex’s blog for years and get the sense that beyond his business interests he truly cares about protecting ordinary internet users from spyware, phishing, spam etc.

Some old photos

Back in the beginning of 2005 when we were starting SiteAdvisor in a Boston apartment and it was just 3 of us.

Our office in Boston was on South Street, between South Station and Chinatown. I think that’s my favorite part of Boston (probably because it feels kind of like New York). Here was a picture out our window on a snowy day.


When I was in Japan last year, I ran into a big SiteAdvisor poster.