My year in blogging

It was a mixed year for me as a blogger. I didn’t post much as I would have liked – I spent most of the year working with eBay in a process that eventually led to Hunch being acquired. But I also learned a lot and tried to share some of those learnings here. Below are the posts I think were the best and also seemed to get the most pageviews and reader comments.

An internet of people

Making industries “garage ready” for startups

Business development: the goldilocks principle

Some lessons learned

Do you want to sell sugar water or do you want to change the world?

What the NYC startup world needs (and doesn’t need)

Founder/market fit

Best practices for raising a VC round

There are two kinds of people in the world

Apple and the TV industry

Google’s social strategy

MIT is a national treasure

Dropbox and why you should invest in people

SEO is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups

Selling pickaxes during a gold rush

Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.

For older posts, see the contents page. I haven’t updated this page in a long time but plan to do so soon.

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